Geography of Iraq

Robot waiters take Iraq’s Mosulites back to the future

From the rubble of Iraq's war-ravaged city of Mosul arises the sight of androids gliding back and forth in a restaurant to serve their amused clientele.

"Welcome", "We wish you a good time in our restaurant", "We would be happy to have your opinion on the quality of the service", chime the automated attendants, red eyes blinking out of their shiny blue and white exteriors.

Turkey remembers diplomat killed in northern Iraq attack

Turkey July 17 remembered a Turkish diplomat killed in a 2019 terrorist attack in Erbil, northern Iraq.

"We commemorate with respect our martyr Osman Köse, official of the Consulate General in Erbil, assassinated in a heinous attack by the terrorist organization PKK on July 17, 2019," the Foreign Ministry wrote on Twitter.

Ezidis unable to return to Sinjar due to PKK: Turkish envoy

The Ezidi community, which escaped from Iraq's Sinjar district and took refuge in Duhok province after ISIL took control of the region, is unable to return to their homes because of oppression by the PKK and the terror group's extensions in the region, Turkey's consul general in Erbil said on April 1. 

Pope Francis Prayed amid Ruined Churches in Iraq

Pope Francis has visited parts of northern Iraq that were held by Islamic State (IS) militants on the third day of his historic trip to the country.

Christians were among those targeted by IS when they seized the region in 2014, carrying out human rights abuses.

The Pope prayed among ruined churches in Mosul, the former IS stronghold, before meeting Christians in Qaraqosh.

3400-Year-Old Palace Was Discovered in Northern Iraq

German and Kurdish archaeologists have found a 3400-year-old palace in northern Iraq thanks to prolonged drought, DPA reported.

The building of a minimum of 2000 sq. M is made of brick walls up to 2 m high and is located in a reservoir in Iraqi Kurdistan. The palace was part of the ancient and mysterious Mittani Empire, experts from the University of Tübingen, Germany announced.