Geography of Italy

About 3,500 People were Evacuated in Venice because of a World War II Bomb

The Marghera Industrial Port in Venice's lagoon was evacuated as a 225 kg World War II-era bomb was defused and set to be exploded in the sea., the French press and DPA reported.

Some 3500 people living in the area were also evacuated.

The movement of ships, trains and buses was temporarily halted, and Venice International Airport stopped all flights for several hours.

Venice and the global threat

As floodwaters in Saint Mark's Square are no longer a novelty, and knowing that, in any case, Venice has a problem as it was built in a lagoon, most of us probably did not understand the severity of the danger posed by this week's flooding of the city that once reigned over much of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Carnival in Venice Began

Nearly two-week celebrations attract millions of tourists each year.

Among the participants could be seen suits of superheroes or cartoon characters, but also traditional Venetian costumes.

The carnival in the Italian city is also known for the special masks that the participants bring. It was first held in the 11th century in the period before the 40-day fast for Easter.