Geography of Kosovo

Serbian Police Director: We had information beforehand, we will react accordingly

Rebic stressed that Belgrade is prepared to intervene if an exodus of the Serb people happens, adding that he is convinced that international community won't allow it.
"We are ready to react in case of the exodus of the Serb people, but we are convinced that international community will not allow it", Rebi stated for RTS.

ROSU units with 25 armored vehicles raid Northern Kosovo

The reason for the incursion is unknown, reports Prva TV reporter. It is also unknown where they are currently located.
According to unofficial information, a Kosovo police officer has been detained in northern Kosovo. A correspondent from Prva TV from Pristina also reports that the local media have no additional information.

Haradinaj: The signboard "Republic of Serbia" has been removed PHOTO

He wrote that the board has been removed last night by Kosovo's law enforcement agencies, Gazeta Express daily reports.
"The board in Zubin Potok, about which media reported yesterday, was removed last night by law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kosovo", Haradinaj stated.