Geography of Kosovo

Kosovo Halts Power Plant After Green Groups Protest

Kosovo citizens protesting against the Hydro Power Plant in Lumbardhi/ Bistrica River, Peja/Pec. Photo: BIRN

The decision came after thousands of citizens, environmentalists and civil society members protested on Monday in Peja/Pec, claiming the project will damage the river that passes through the Rugova national park.

"Pristina team's new chief threw corpses into lime pit"

The newspaper said on Monday that Limaj was a member of a group ten defendant acquitted of charges of crimes against civilians and members of the Serbian (Yugoslav) Army and (Serbian) police in the village of Klecka near Suva Reka in 1998.

Dozens of people were killed and massacred there, their bodies thrown into a lime pit to cover up the crime.

Kosovo army has no business in North, Serbs say

According to all international documents, and especially UN Security Council 1244, the only armed force that can enter northern Kosovo, mostly inhabited by Serbs, is KFOR, the Serb List leader told a news conference after the Kosovo Assembly adopted laws allowing for the transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) into an armed force.