Geography of Romania

INHGA: Code Red for flooding on Gilort, Lotru and Oltet Rivers, until 11:00 pm

Gilort, Lotru and Oltet Rivers, running through three counties of the southern Oltenia region, are under a Code Red warning for flooding, issued by the National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA) on Tuesday, valid until 11:00 pm (Romania's time).

ROMANIANS AT MONGOL RALLY Sibiu City travelled by 300 teams in the world's largest charity rally

More than 300 teams from all over Europe, mostly British, stopped over at least for one night in Sibiu City, central Romania, a mandatory place on the map of the world's largest charity rally, the Mongol Rally, where Romania is represented by two teams - Dracula Khan and Mamaliga (Polenta) Warriors, says Vlad Grigore, one of the Romanians that took part in the rally in 2013.

EXCLUSIVE A Bacau resident pedals 5000 km in tour of Romania to raise funds for aiding 28 teenagers

Cyclist Anton Duma has set off on Sunday from Bacau in a tour of Romania that will encompass 5,000 km in order to raise funds for aiding 28 teenage girls that are presently in the care of the Betania Association of Bacau through their program titled "Youth Integration Center".

FEATURE Sibiu: "Miracles" at the International Theater Festival - artists that float in the air

Hundreds of curious bystanders have marveled since Monday, when, for the first time, in the pedestrian area of the historical city center of Sibiu, a smiling "mystic" appeared, levitating a meter above the ground with the help of a staff surrounded by an aura of mystery and most importantly, an air of calm that amazed any viewer.