Geography of Serbia

Drama on Maljen: 17 people, including children, captured in a snow storm

Mountain Service teams are trying to break through. According to the media, the rescuers of this service set off on special skis towards them.
"We are going by car as far as we can, and the rest by special skis, but we have not arrived yet," they say in the Mountain Service, the media report.

The director of RHMZ revealed: It is known when the snow will stop falling

In most lower areas, snow cover of 10 to 25 cm is expected, and in hilly and mountainous areas over 30 cm, while snow weakening is expected during the night, according to the director of the Republic Hydro-meteorological Institute (RHMZ), Professor Jugoslav Nikolic.

Media: Traffic in Belgrade normalized; Gazela passable after opposition protest PHOTO

Several main streets in the city were blocked and without traffic, from Kneza Miloa, across Savska, to certain streets around them.
Large police forces are noticeable in all parts of the city.
The roadblock was organized despite the appeal of the Ministry of the Interior that blocking the roads is a violation of the law.

Access Blocked to Vietnamese Workers Allegedly Exploited in Serbia: NGOs

A11, an NGO dealing with violations of workers' rights, said that private security men arrived at the construction site for a factory for Chinese tyre manufacturer Shandong Linglong Tire in the city of Zrenjanin on Tuesday and began blocking access to Vietnamese workers who have been the focus of exploitation allegations this week.

Serbia Pays Price of Delays, Errors and Costly Cars in Rail Upgrade

A BIRN investigation has identified serious delays on all three sections of the line, as well as mistakes that have cost Serbia almost $35 million in penalties; it also turned up documents showing that almost $720,000 of an $800 million Russian loan for the railway line was spent on the lease of six cars from a Russian contractor.

Years behind schedule