Geography of Serbia

Red carpet for departure as well: Au revoir, Macron FOTO

The good-bye greeting of the two leaders was sincere, as was the welcome of the high guest from Paris.
Vucic escorted Macron to the plane with red carpet and lined Serbian Army Guard.
The fact that Serbian President had in person escorted his French counterpart speaks in itself of the significance of this visit and the good talks conducted in Belgrade.

Ministry of Interior: Maximum security closes streets, police asks for consideration

This will lead to changes in the traffic regime in certain parts of Belgrade.
This afternoon, traffic in Belgrade will be temporarily suspended on the highway, towards Belgrade, and all access roads, as well as in Knez Milos Street and in the city's central streets, the police informed.

Two "special members of diplomatic corps" arrived to Belgrade, another two on the way

Former Deputy Head of Mission of Great Britain in Moscow Sian MacLeod will replace Dennis Keefe on the position of Head of Mission of Great Britain to Serbia. Another "deputy" from the leading western embassy in Moscow comes to Belgrade to hold the position of the US Ambassador, Politika daily claims.