Geography of Serbia

For the first time in recent history: Serbia's population dropped below seven million

Demographer Danica Santic tells RTS that fewer than seven million people live in Serbia currently.
Santic states that for two years there has been a slight upward trend in the number of newborns - in 2016 and 2017 around 160, and a slightly higher number is expected for 2018.

Highly protected system in Serbia - electronic school diary - crashed?

The exact cause is unknown, and as the paper states, there was suspicion of so-called DDoS hacking attacks, which simulated too many inputs, so the system "crashes".
Another possible reason is that the system cannot support the large number of teachers' inputs who, at the end of the semester, enter grades and arrange documentation.

Turkish Airlines becomes sponsor of Serbian marathon

National flag carrier Turkish Airlines on Dec. 24 became the official air carrier of the largest international sports event in Serbia, race organizers announced.

The Belgrade Marathon and Turkish Airlines signed a contract in Serbia's capital Belgrade making it the official air carrier of the 33rd Belgrade Marathon 2020, the statement said.

Severe accident in Subotica: There are dead and injured

The accident happened at about 7.00 am, at the so-called Tavankut Crossroads.
Two people were killed and, according to the RTS, there are also injured who were transferred to the hospital in Subotica.
Traffic was diverted to alternative routes: to Ljutovo and Novi Zednik.
Traffic accident investigation is ongoing.

Serbian Museum Puts Mestrovic’s Vidovdan Sculptures on Display

An exhibition of sculptures by Ivan Mestrovic from the collection of the Serbian National Museum in Belgrade opened on Tuesday night at the museum. 

During December and January, visitors to the museum will have an opportunity to see 40 works by the famous Yugoslav sculptor, most them created before World War I, the so-called "Vidovdan fragments".

New section of "Milos the Great" opens: Instead of two hours, 60-minute ride to Cacak

A modern road will connect Belgrade and Cacak more strongly, and according to the authorities, it will save time. Instead of two hours, we will have 60-minute ride.
Travelling on the section of the Surcin-Obrenovac highway will be free of charge.

Earthquake hits Kikinda PHOTO

According to the report of the Republican Seismological Institute, at 01:28 local time, an earthquake of magnitude 3.2 on the Richter scale was registered in the region of Kikinda, Sputnik reported.
Intensity at the epicenter was rated at 4 to 5 degrees on the Mercali scale.
The VojvodinaMeteo previously reported that an earthquake was recorded at 15 km depth.