Geography of Serbia

Hospitals crowded; More than 2.000 victims of COVID-19

Petar Svorcan, Director of KBC Zvezdara, says for RTS that there is a trend in that health institution to receive the same number of patients with COVID-19 per day as they are discharged.
"From yesterday until today, we received 58, and discharged 53, this trend has been maintained for the last seven days. Fifty patients are in Intensive Care, 22 on a respirator," states Svorcan.

Kon: It is unlikely that there won't be any measures for the New Year holidays

We will see the results this week. In Belgrade, it can be seen that the number of newly infected is starting to decrease slightly, but it should be clear that it is still at a high level. A large number of Belgraders are being treated outside Belgrade, regardless of the COVID hospital in Batajnica being opened. The endurance of the system is at its limits", Dr Predrag Kon said.

RHMZ turned on the red weather alarm

The orange meteorological alarm was declared today for the area of Pomoravlje, while Baka, Srem, Sumadija and Belgrade in yellow.
A red meteorological alarm means that the weather conditions are extremely dangerous and of such intensity that they can cause great material damage and pose a danger to the safety of humans and animals.

"The state announces more restrictive measures today or tomorrow"; Another tough day

Municipalities, one after another, are introducing emergency situations, due to the increasingly difficult situation with the number of sick and hospitalized. More and more people are being tested day by day, which means that the virus is spreading uncontrollably. Unfortunately, we are facing with the reality that the number of deaths is growing rapidly.

Vucic with Riester; "For the subway at least 4.4 billion"

On this occasion, an Agreement was signed between the two governments on cooperation in the field of implementation of priority projects in Serbia. After that, press statements are planned.
The meeting, as previously announced, is scheduled for 11 am, in the building of the General Secretariat of the President of the Republic, Media Relations Office of the President announced.