Geography of Vojvodina

Serbia to get 6 mln euros in humanitarian aid to deal with migrant crisis

Berkasovo, 20. oktobra 2015 - Migranti sa Bliskog istoka u privremenom smestaju u blizini srpsko-hrvatske granice kod Berkasova. Na granici izmedju Srbije i Hrvatske vise stotina izbeglica sa Bliskog istoka ceka da udje u Hrvatsku, posto je prelaz Berkasovo-Bapska, kod Sida, hrvatska granicna policija zatvorila u 11 sati. FOTO TANJUG / MARKO DJOKOVIC / tj

60 Ships Stranded Near Belene Island

A total of 60 ships have been stranded near the Belene island because of the low water level of the Danube, announced the Maritime Administration Executive Agency.

This is the most critical area right now and there are problems with normal shipping. In order to ensure order and safety, a patrol boat has been sent to the area.

Energy Minister: There is no conflict between Romania and Serbia on situation at Iron Gates

Romanian and Serbian experts are seeking solutions to ensure the electricity production at the Iron Gates, so that there aren't any excesses that could determine the accentuated decrease in the Danube water levels and that could lead to environment and navigation issues, Energy Minister Andrei Gerea announced on Wednesday.