Geography of Vojvodina

Igor Jurić: I know the names of several individuals, I'm ready to go to the polygraph

Being hosted in "150 minutes", Igor Juric said that when he presented the name of the famous stylist in Novi Sad, a law suit was filed against him. "I got it from one of them, a stylist from Novi Sad, because I said his name and he sued me for defamation, he is asking for 300.000 dinars in damages.

Guesthouses in the Danube Delta, up to 95 pct booked for Easter mini-holiday

Booking rates for tourist accommodation establishments in the Danube Delta for the Easter mini-holiday is up to 95%, but some economic agents, especially those whose incomes depended on foreign tourism, claim that, although theoretically they are 100% booked, they practically cannot carry out their activity.

Start of general fishing ban in Romania

The general spring fishing ban began on Friday in Romania's natural habitats, with the fishing closure next imposed in border waters - the Danube River section shared with Bulgaria and the waters that define the border with Ukraine, the Musura Gulf included - as of April 24, according to the Prohibition Order issued by the Ministries of Environment and of Agriculture, respectively.

"The night when Djole swam across the Danube": Thousands bid farewell to Balasevic

There were thousands of people on the Rainbow Bridge, and boats with torches lit up the river.
Symbolically, with lanterns soaring into the sky, and with rosemary, along with Balaevi's songs accompanied by a choir of Serbian National Theater and the last greeting from the Danube boats, Novi Sad paid tribute to its Pannonian Sailor.

Vucic: Mandatory military service? We still haven't decided

The president visited the same family at the end of 2019, because, as he said at the time, he wanted to visit the family of a wonderful woman before the New Year, with nine children, whose husband passed away a few years ago.
The president talked to the family about their problems and promised state assistance.