A Strong Earthquake Was Registered on the Island of Crete

The 5.3-magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale was registered on the Greek island of Crete at 7.40 am Bulgarian time, with a depth of 107 km below the ground.

Its epicenter is 333 km south of Athens and 35 km southwest of Heraklion.

So far, there is no information on victims and or injured people.

Quake spurs damage claims

More than 2,000 claims for damages were lodged with Greek insurance companies following the 5.1-magnitude earthquake that struck the capital on July 19, according to the country's union of insurance firms. 

Of those claims, around 1,700 concerned homes and the remainder businesses, the union said. 

Mount Etna WAKES UP

Increased activity of the Etna volcano in Sicily was noted by experts from the National Geophysics and Vulcano Institute in Italy (INGV).

This is an eruption from the so-called "new crater", located at the top of the southeast slope of Mount Etna. The last time the volcano "woke up" on July 14th.

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Was Registered in Greece

5.3 magnitude earthquake on the Richter Scale was registered in Greece. The tremor was recorded at 11.13 am

There is no information about seriously injured people or major damages. There were power cuts in Athens.

The epicentre of the earthquake is located 23 km northwest of Athens, reports the European Mediterranean Seismological Center.

Man stopped at Lesvos airport with petrified forest fragments in bags

Police at Lesvos' airport on Tuesday detained a 57-year-old man after finding multiple fragments of a petrified forest in the island's west in his luggage.

Officers found five chunks and 15 fragments of fossilized wood in the man's possession. He now faces charges of violating the national customs code and forestry laws, and theft.

Strong tremor shakes western Greece

A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 has struck in western Greece, Athens' Geodynamics Institute reports.

The tremor struck at 6.08 pm local time (1508 GMT) about 30 kilometers (19 miles) northwest of the city of Agrinio at a depth of 28 km (17 miles).

No damage has been reported so far.