Sahara Desert Dust Cloud Blankets Greece in Orange Haze (video)

Swathes of Greece are blanketed in orange haze after southerly winds swept dust from the Sahara desert in Africa to southeastern Europe.

Health authorities have urged the young, elderly and those with breathing problems to limit their time outside.

 Huge dust clouds have reduced visibility in large parts of Greece, including the capital Athens.

Rhodes: The village of Monolithos and its castle

The main attraction of the village of Monolithos is the medieval castle, which stands among the pines on the great outcrop of an isolated rock which gave its name to Monolithos (lonely rock). Within the castle walls stands the church of Agios Panteleimon. Bellow the castle you will find an attractive stone building housing a small café.

Scientists discover China’s Gobi Desert is feeding California’s Yosemite Park!


Climite scientists from the US have discovered that dust from as far away as China’s Gobi Desert is carried by the global jet stream and deposited in California’s Yosemite National Park where its trees feed off of microscopic material in the dust containing nutrients.

The Enormous Iceberg Near Antarctica is now Moving in Open Sea

The huge iceberg, which a week ago separated from Antarctica, began to move to the open sea, world agencies reported.

The huge piece of ice weighs 1 trillion tons and has a size of 5800 sq. km.

The latest satellite images show that the distance between the iceberg and the ice of Antarctica is increasing. The photographs were taken with the Deimos 1 satellite.

Meet the first Greek woman who set foot on Alaskan peak (photos)

Christina Flamboura (member of the Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Acharnes) and Vanessa Archontidou (member of the Athens Mountaineering Clubs) became the first Greek women to set foot on the highest peak of Mount Denali in Alaska.
“The mountain does not want strength, it wants soul,” Christina Flamboura told Athens News Agency (AMNA).