Sofia's Council Chair Election Deadlock Imperils Municipal Operations

Sofia Mayor Vassil Terziev has highlighted the urgent need to elect a chairman for the Sofia Municipal Council by December 12, cautioning that failing to do so would result in significant financial losses. He stressed the necessity for a resolution to be reached by Monday to avoid operational disruptions in the municipality.

Bulgaria: National Protest in Support of the Girl who was Cut 400 Times with a Dummy Knife

A national procession in support of the girl from Stara Zagora who was abused with a dummy knife will be held in front of the courthouses in different cities of Bulgaria.

For the perpetrator - 26-year-old Georgi Georgiev, the District Prosecutor's Office will request a permanent measure of "detention in custody". He was arrested for making threats on a mobile app to the victim.

The Political Parties believe that North Macedonia has No Place in the EU due to the Aggression towards Bulgarians

The political forces in the Bulgarian parliament condemned yet another instance of violence against Bulgarian citizens in North Macedonia and united around the position that the country currently has no place in the European Union.

Bulgaria’s Chief Prosecutor requested the immunity of Two MPs from "Vazrazhdane"

Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev submitted to the registry of the 49th National Assembly a request to lift the immunity of two deputies from the pro-Russian "Vazrazhdane" party - Angel Georgiev and Veselin Veshev, announced the prosecutor's office.

The initials in the press release of the two people's representatives are V.V. and A.G., responding specifically to Georgiev and Veshev.

Bulgaria: New Series of Bomb Threats in dozens of Schools in Sofia, Varna and Burgas

A new series of bomb threats have been made to schools in Sofia, Varna and Burgas.

Around 10:05 a.m. this morning, 35 schools in Sofia received the threatening email, which claims that an explosive device has been planted in the school. This was reported to BNT by the head of the regional police - Vanya Kastreva.

Bulgaria has the Most Dangerous Roads in Europe for Heavy Goods Vehicles

Bulgaria has the most dangerous roads for driving heavy goods vehicles in Europe, according to a study by a British technology and logistics company.

International drivers complain about broken roads, kilometers-long queues at borders, lack of rest areas and systematic violation of traffic rules, which often lead to accidents with fatal consequences.

Public Transport: Over 7 Million Electronic Tickets sold in Sofia since the Beginning of the Year

Over 7 million electronic tickets have been sold for travel in Sofia's public transport since the beginning of the year until now, according to the Center for Urban Mobility. The most preferred is the 30+ ticket. Up to 10% of people using this ticket transfer to another vehicle within 30 minutes.

Bulgaria’s Ombudswoman Warned of a Large Number of Complaints due to the New Changes in Sofia’s Public Transport

The ombudswoman Diana Kovacheva sent a letter to the chairman of the capital municipal council, Georgi Georgiev, and to the capital mayor, Yordanka Fandakova, in which she warned about a large number of complaints related to the changed conditions for travel in public transport, which have been in force since January 1.