Next Bulgarian Parliament May Be Even More Fragmented - Poll

n the run-up to the November 14 snap parliamentary elections, held hand-in-hand with presidential elections, a likelihood emerges for an even more pronounced fragmentation of the political space and a Parliament with seven parties, according to the latest opinion poll which was financed and implemented jointly by the commercial bTV and the Market Links polling agency.

Before the Election, GERB's Party Electorate is the Most Mobilized, According to Survey

GERB's party electorate is most mobilized before the November 11th elections, with 82% supporting the party. This is shown by the results of a sociological survey of "Market Links" commissioned by BTV. It was conducted among 1076 people in the period 14-20 September 2021 by the methods of direct personal interview and online survey.

Political Parties Do Not Disclose Their Presidential Candidates for Fear of Unleashing Smear Campaign

President Rumen Radev announced, over the weekend, that the presidential election and the election for parliament would take place simultaneously - on 14 November. And even though there are just two months to go until them, the leading political players in the country are not disclosing the names of their candidates for president as yet.

Builgarians Head to Polls Third Time This Year Pin Hopes on New Political Force

Bulgaria will head to its third national election this year, after the Socialists became the third political party to refuse to lead a government following July's inconclusive parliamentary election. According to analysts, the game-changer this time could be a new political force.

Scandal in Parliament after TISP Leader Toshko Yordanov Called GERB - "Mafia"

"I do not pretend to be a prophet, but I still think that there will be a regular government in the next parliament and GERB will not participate in it. And now, because you said that someone insulted political parties, and there was no such thing. Now there will be, I will insult the GERB party and I will say that they are a mafia organisation", said Toshko Yordanov.

National Assembly Voted: Presidential Elections will be held on November 14

Without any debate, parliament accepted the proposal that the presidential election be held on November 14, 2021. The date was voted as the first item in the session that began this morning.

The proposal of the Presidential Council yesterday was the date to be November 7 or 14.

BSP and GERB said they prefer the 7th to avoid a run-off on the last possible election date.