Ex-PM Borissov: Petkov wanted the Chair, in 6 months He was Removed, and by a Majority

"We were able to salvage at least the next few months with the budget update. We managed to save them from making the wrong decisions, they even made the right decisions in an amateur way", GERB leader and former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said about "We Continue the Change".

GERB will not hold Talks on Supporting a Government in this Parliament

"GERB-SDS will not conduct any talks to support a government within this parliament with any mandate", the chairwoman of the parliamentary group Desislava Atanasova told journalists on the sidelines of the National Assembly. "We believe", she pointed out, "that it is right to have early parliamentary elections as quickly as possible".

Bulgaria: 66.74% of Vazrazhdane’s Votes in Parliament are in Unison with those of GERB

In 66.74% of the votes in the 47th National Assembly, the parliamentary group of "Vazrazhdane" was in unison with the PG of GERB, according to a report on the platform, which helps citizens to monitor more effectively the political processes in the country through open data visualizations.

GERB at the Consultations with the President: If We are given a Mandate, We will Return it

President Rumen Radev has begun consultations with representatives of parliamentary groups in the 47th National Assembly to hand over a mandate to form a new government within the current parliament. He welcomed the representatives of GERB for talks.

Prominent “Vazrazhdane” MP Leaves the Party with Accusations against its Leader

"Vazrazhdane" (Revival) MP Elena Guncheva announced she was leaving the party and the National Assembly. She did this through her Facebook account, and in her post, she criticized the leader of the pro-Russian political force Kostadin Kostadinov. Among them is that he treated the Russophiles in the party with contempt and took unaccounted money from his deputies.

The New “Anti-Petkov” Coalition Ruined the Meeting of the Commission for North Macedonia

At the suggestion of DPS and GERB and with the support of "There Is Such a People" and "Vazrazhdane", the meeting of the parliamentary commission, which was to hear Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska on the French proposal for negotiations with North Macedonia, was postponed.