Borissov: GERB Will Be Opposition if Petkov and Peevski Form Government

Boyko Borissov, leader of GERB, stated that if Kiril Petkov and Delyan Peevski opt to form a government, his party would serve as a strong opposition, as he would not form a government solely with DPS. The leader of GERB  made these remarks on the sidelines of parliament, addressing questions regarding recent political developments.

Bulgaria's Borissov Threatens to Halt or Sell 'TurkStream'

In a recent statement, GERB leader Boyko Borissov issued a stark warning to his former coalition partners, declaring that the National Assembly could halt or even sell the "Balkan Stream" (TurkStream) project as early as today. The threat comes amidst escalating tensions in Bulgarian politics, with Borissov accusing his counterparts of potentially betraying the national interest.

Petkov: When GERB Is Not In Power The Birth Rate Goes Up!

Tensions flared among former coalition partners as they debated the impact of their governance on Bulgaria's demographic crisis. Kiril Petkov, co-chairman of We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria, pointed to National Statistical Institute (NSI) data suggesting a correlation between governance and the birth rate.

Bulgaria's Political Landscape: Borissov Rules Out DPS Coalition, Eyes Electoral Gains

Amid ongoing political maneuvering in Bulgaria, GERB leader Boyko Borissov has categorically dismissed the possibility of forming a government coalition with DPS, even if the two parties secure a combined total of 150 deputies following elections, as reported in "Focus."

Snap Elections On The Horizon: How Did We Get Here?

Today, "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) proposed the implementation of the second mandate with a prime minister from GERB, along with signing an agreement on reforms in the judicial system, security services, and regulators. However, Boyko Borissov's party (GERB) rejected this proposal.

'We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria' to GERB: Propose a Prime Minister and End the Crisis

In a tense parliamentary session, Atanas Atanasov, co-chairman of "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria," delivered a new proposal to GERB, urging the party to nominate a mutually acceptable candidate for prime minister and fulfill the second mandate as a general one.