GERB Holds Firm on Mariya Gabriel as Prime Minister, Extends Deadline for WCC-DB Decision

In a continuing standoff over the formation of Bulgaria's government, GERB leader Boyko Borissov reiterated the party's stance on proposing Mariya Gabriel as prime minister, refusing to yield ground despite opposition. Borissov's comments came amidst ongoing negotiations with the "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) coalition.

Mariya Gabriel Demands Apology Amid Political Turmoil in Bulgaria (UPDATED)

Tensions flare in Bulgarian politics as Mariya Gabriel, the GERB candidate for Prime Minister, demands an apology for perceived insults and epithets directed towards her. Speaking at a parliamentary briefing, Gabriel expressed her discontent, emphasizing that she had refrained from similar behavior for nine months and expected acknowledgment of her adherence to constitutional norms.

Radev Hands Mandate to GERB; WCC-DB Also Present

President Rumen Radev has officially handed the mandate to form a government to the GERB party. The ceremony at the presidency saw the presence of key negotiators from both GERB and "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB), including resigned Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov and WCC-DB co-chairman Kiril Petkov.

Unconfirmed: Agreement Reached for Cabinet Formation Between GERB and WCC-DB

In a significant development this morning, insider sources revealed that negotiators from the GERB and "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) parties have unofficially reached an agreement on forming a cabinet within the 49th National Assembly, according to reports from BNR.

Stalemate in Bulgarian Politics before the First Mandate: Negotiations Between GERB and WCC-DB Grind to a Halt

Amidst a backdrop of mounting tensions and failed negotiations, Bulgaria finds itself entrenched in a political stalemate with significant implications. As the clock strikes noon, President Rumen Radev will deliver the first exploratory mandate for cabinet formation to GERB.

Boyko Borisov: Monday Deadline for Mandate Fulfillment or Election Announcement

GERB leader Boyko Borisov declared to journalists in Plovdiv that by Monday, either the mandate will be fulfilled or it will be clear that elections are imminent, as reported by BTA. Borisov indicated that if Maria Gabriel succeeds in assembling a cabinet she can effectively lead, their party will offer her 69 votes.

Bulgarian President Prepares to Hand Over Mandate on Friday Amidst Political Negotiations

President Rumen Radev is poised to issue a mandate for cabinet formation to an individual designated by GERB, the largest parliamentary group, on March 15th. This decision comes against the backdrop of Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov's resignation on March 5th, which initiated the process of government rotation.

GERB Leads in Bulgarian Pre-Election Polling for European Parliament

With the European elections looming three months away, Bulgaria's political landscape is taking shape, with the GERB party leading the pack, according to a recent study by "Alpha Research." The survey reveals that 22.6% of voters would support GERB, while the "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) party closely follows with 19.9% of voter support.