Ukrainian President Zelensky Expresses Gratitude for Bulgarian Support in Video Conference with Political Leaders

In a recent video conference call, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky extended his gratitude to Bulgarian political leaders Boyko Borissov, Kiril Petkov, and Delyan Peevski for their parties' supportive decisions in the Bulgarian parliament.

Sofia City Council Delays Chairperson Election Again, Looming Threat of New Local Elections

Once more, the election of the leader for the Sofia Municipal Council faces a postponement, creating uncertainty about the city's local governance. The decision to delay the vote until January 25 was reached during the Thursday session, with the expectation that ongoing discussions might result in a consensus on who will chair the Municipal Council.

Historic Constitutional Revisions Ratified by Bulgarian Parliament in Decisive Vote

In a landmark session on Wednesday, Bulgaria's Parliament decisively passed a bill amending and supplementing the country's Constitution. The pivotal amendment, moved by GERB-SDS, We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB), and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) on July 28, received a resounding 165-71 vote, with one abstention.

MPs Clash! Vazrazhdane's Standoff In The Bulgarian Parliament

An extraordinary session in the Bulgarian Parliament took a tumultuous turn as members of the pro-Russian party "Vazrazhdane" party sought to disrupt proceedings, sparking turmoil within the debating chamber. The session, primarily focused on critical energy-related amendments, was marred by dramatic interruptions and attempts to silence discussions by shutting down the sound system.

Soviet Monument Removal: MPs From Vazrazhdane And BSP Blocked The Work Of The Bulgarian Parliament

Deputies from "Vazrazhdane", the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and "There Is Such a People" (TISP) blocked the parliamentary rostrum and declared that they will not allow the parliament to work. The main argument of the left and "Vazrazhdane" is that the Constitutional majority of GERB-SDS, WCC-DB and DPS allowed lawlessness in the center of Sofia by removing the Monument to the Soviet Army.

Bulgaria: Borissov And Petkov Agree On Record Budget For Culture

In a groundbreaking move, Bulgaria prepares to approve an unprecedented budget allocation for culture following the upcoming vote on Budget 2024. Leaders from GERB, WCC-DB, and DPS, including Boyko Borissov, Kiril Petkov, and Delyan Peevski, disclosed plans for a staggering 520 million BGN to be channeled into cultural institutes.

New Rule: No Receipt, No Payment - Bulgarian MPs Announce Policy Change

Bulgarian MPs have greenlit a significant shift in consumer rights, deciding that individuals won't be obliged to pay for goods or services if they haven't received a proper receipt. This groundbreaking decision alters the landscape for customers who previously had little recourse if they didn't receive a receipt.