The German crisis

The failure to form a coalition government in Germany and the prospect of fresh elections have thrown the European Union into uncertainty.

The continent is again feeling the depressing weight of Germany's leverage in European affairs.

Merkel is Ready for New Elections

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was ready to lead her party to a possible new election for the Bundestag instead of risking forming an unstable minority government.

"I am very skeptical about a minority government," she told TVD, adding that "the new elections will be the better way."

'German Traces' city tour | Athens | November 25

On November 25, the Goethe-Institut Athen is organizing a city tour exploring German influences in famous buildings in Athens, in English. The city tour will be led by Nikos Vatopoulos and accompanied by the mobile app "Γερμανικά Ίχνη" (German Traces), which can be downloaded from