Giorgos Kaminis

Minister to inspect preparations for Athens mosque

Graffiti protesting the anticipated operation of the capital's first official mosque is seen on the exterior wall of the venue Thursday. Religious Affairs Minister Costas Gavroglou is to visit the facility Friday, along with leaders of the capital's Muslim community, outgoing Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis and mayor-elect Kostas Bakoyannis.

Athens anti-tagging initiative issues open call for artists

Initiated by Athens Partnership (a non-profit organization founded by the Mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis), a program titled "This is Athens - Polis," aims to clean up the city's historic center by eliminating tags and other vandalism on the city's walls, and at the same time add a new creative touch, for which an open call for artists has been issued.

Athens bans Golden Dawn campaign rallies in public spaces

The Athens Municipal council on Monday voted overwhelmingly in favor of a recommendation by Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis that the far-right Golden Dawn party not be allowed to use public spaces to hold pre-election rallies.
"We will not give Golden Dawn any of the available public spaces for pre-election promotion because it functions as a criminal organization," he said.

Athens center set for cleanup

The City of Athens announced Monday that it has launched a cleanup project to rid building facades in the capital's so-called historic triangle of ugly graffiti, posters and other blemishes. The project is being funded by donations from the private sector.

'Democracy will not be terrorized,' says Athens mayor in wake of Skai TV bomb attack

Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis on Monday condemned a bomb attack on the headquarters of Skai TV and radio, Kathimerini daily and Kathimerini English Edition, among other businesses, on the Greek capital's southern coast.

Kaminis described the early-morning attack, which caused extensive structural damage to the building but no casualties, as "despicable."