TIR trucks waiting for 70 minutes to clear Giurgiu-Ruse border crossing point

TIR trucks trying to clear the Giurgiu-Ruse border crossing point out of Romania into Bulgaria were waiting in a line of about eight kilometres on the first lane of the DN 5 Bucharest-Giurgiu national road on Wednesday after-noon and they could be seen as far as Daia, with the waiting time for those who reached customs control being 70 minutes.

10 km Long Queue of Trucks at the Danube Bridge Border Checkpoint

Huge columns of heavy trucks are waiting for hours at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint near Ruse.

The queue is over 10 km and reaches the neighbouring town of Marten. The reason is a failure in the customs system for measuring trucks.

Most of the trucks wait over half a day.

Romanian Authorities Detained a Bulgarian Man who Tried to Import 1,000 Packs of Cigarettes to Romania

A 39-year-old Bulgarian citizen has been charged with trafficking in excise goods after he was detained by the Romanian Border Police at Giurgiu-Ruse border checkpoint in an attempt to import 1,000 packs of cigarettes with Bulgarian excise label to Romania, BTA reported.

Bulgarian has Died, and Four have been Injured in Car Crash in Romania

According to information from our embassy in Romania, one Bulgarian citizen died and four were injured in a car crash on the Giurgiu-Bucharest road. This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our embassy has contacted the Police Inspectorate-Giurgiu, who has confirmed this case.

Four Electronic Vignettes Devices Installed at Danube Bridge in Rousse

Four electronic vignetting devices have been launched on 4th of January at the Danube Bridge border crossing at Rousse. Some drivers, however, have difficulty working with the new machines, which has led to further delays in traffic in the area.

Within 10 minutes, three drivers were unable to get an electronic vignette from the new devices installed yesterday.

338 Cruise Ships Are Expected Near Russe During the Tourist Season

The high interest in cruise tourism along the Danube River remains. During the new tourist season in Rousse 338 ship visits were declared, last year they were 339, announced the Director of Ruse Supervision Directorate-Ruse to the Maritime Administration Agency Ivan Zhekov.

The ships under the Bulgarian flag "Ariana" and "Elegant Lady" will land a total of 14 times near Russe.