Global warming

The EU approved a large-scale Reform of the Carbon Emissions Market - Bulgaria Abstained

European Union countries on Tuesday finally approved the biggest-ever reform of Europe's carbon emissions market, which will make pollution more expensive and strengthen the 27-member bloc's main tool for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, Reuters reported.

Africa Day conference spotlights climate crisis

The climate crisis has been in the spotlight of the first day of the 12th Africa Day international conference at Brdo pri Kranju. Promoting its bid for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council, Slovenia said that, if elected, it would aim to step up climate security, as African officials urged global action against climate change.

Thalassini Douma | Athens | To June 18

Photographer Thalassini Douma sounds the alarm about climate change with a show at the Herakleidon Museum (, curated by marine biologist Nina Fragopoulou and art historian Manolis Karterakis. "Below Sea Level" is the result of an expedition to the Dead Sea, a special marine ecosystem where the effects of human intervention and global warming are seen in stark relief.