Why Internet Broke?

Many of the world's largest apps and websites, including for banks and airlines, faced a cascade of outages within hours, causing panic among internet users, with some demanding to know who has "broken" the Internet.

All Google Services including Youtube Go Down

All Google business services went down globally on 12:00 PM GMT, Gmail, Meets, Calendar, Docs, etc. in addition to Youtube are responding with error code 500.

Google Search and Maps are partially operating, as Google images service from the search-toolbar is down, and searching for a location/address in Maps returns with errors again./

Journalists Chief Victims of Digital Rights Violations in Serbia

Out of a total of 481 registered cases of digital rights violations, 115 involved threats and endangering security. There were 95 cases of insults and unfounded accusations.

The report noted there had been more arrests of late of people accused of threatening online space, but few have been sentenced while those who were received relatively mild punishments.

Why Does Europe Hate Tech Giants?

Statistics show that 19 out of 20 Europeans use Google when they search for something on the web. EU Commissioner for Competition Margareta Vestager, however, is not among them. She uses the competing search engine Qwant, which claims that does not collect personal data from users for a commercial purpose.