Government bond

Iraqi government to give unpaid contractors bonds instead of cash

Iraqi government contractors will be receiving bonds in lieu of cash as a solution to payment delays caused by the collapse in the nation's oil income, the Iraqi Central Bank said on April 10.

The bonds can be traded in the local market or cashed at banks for a discount, the Central Bank said in an emailed statement. It did not indicate a maturity or interest rate.

Leibniz study: Germany gained 100 bln euros from Greek crisis

A new study by the non-profit Leibniz Institute of Economic Research states that Germany has profited from the Greek crisis. Germany gained a total of 100 billion euros that were saved through lower interest payments on funds the government borrowed amid investor “flights to safety.”

Open Letter to Greek PM A. Tsipras by the Gold Standard Institute Chairman

Dear Prime Minister Tsipras,

First, congratulations for mustering the popular support to say “no” to the troika. The euro has long offered Greece a perverse incentive to borrow, and now your country is trapped in debt. By any conventional means, Greece cannot repay (I propose an unconventional way, below). The sooner everyone acknowledges this simple fact the better.

PM Ponta: Government bonds, an excellent savings choice for Romanians

The Romanians who plan to save money have an excellent instrument for this with the government bonds that offer a yield that takes market realities in consideration, Premier Victor Ponta said on Wednesday, at the seat of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), on the occasion of the launch of the FIDELIS programme - government bond issues for the population, unfurled through the BVB.