Government of Bulgaria

Caretaker Prime Minister Convenes Bulgarian Security Council

The Security Council will held a meeting today at the Council of Ministers' building. Caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev summoned deputy prime ministers, ministers, representatives of the special services, as well as the chief of defense services. The agenda of the meeting will be the current risks and threats to the national security.

President Radev Met with US Department of Treasury Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Ahern, and Ambassador Mustafa

Speaking during a meeting here on Wednesday with the US Department of Treasury's Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Paul Ahern, which was also attended by the US Ambassador to Bulgaria Herro Mustafa, President Rumen Radev said that achieving effective results in the fight against corruption requires a concerted effort by partner countries, Radev's Press Secretariat reported.

President Radev Demands Probe into Incident during US Military Drills

"It is inadmissible to have the lives of Bulgarian citizens disturbed and put at risk by military formations, whether Bulgarian or belonging to a foreign army," said President Rumen Radev, talking to Minister of Defence Georgi Panayotov and Lieutenant General Lyubcho Todorov, Commander of the Joint Forces Command.

Bulgaria: To Clean after Borissov in Brussels Is Overwhelming Task, Will Radev Manage?

President Rumen Radev had not set foot at the  European Council since 2017and now found out that he had to watch his step in Brussels. His reflexes of  a soldier put him on the lookout because former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had planted mines that could explode all of a sudden.

Court Ruled All Arrests in Presidency Made Year Ago Are Unlawful

All arrests after the action in the presidency are unlawful.

This was decided by the Sofia Administrative Court, which upheld the decision of the Sofia District Court from November last year.

Among those arrested during the July 2020 operation was President's Security and Defense Adviser at the time Iliya Milushev.

President Radev Signed Decrees to Replace Chief of National State Security Agency

The head of state Rumen Radev signed a decree on the proposal of the Council of Ministers for the dismissal of Dimitar Georgiev from the post of chairman of the State Agency for National Security (SANS), the press office of the head of state announced.

President Radev: Bulgaria Needs Guaranties for Socially Acceptable Green Deal

In Brussels Bulgarian President Radev shared his thoughts on one of the main topics of the European Council - EU Green Deal.

The sharp increase in the ambitions of the European Union to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 55% by 2030 puts Bulgaria in a difficult position.