Government of Bulgaria

Bulgarian President Had Telephone Call with President of Israel

Cessation of the armed confrontation and efforts to strengthen peace in the Middle East are crucial not only for the State of Israel and Palestine, but for the whole world, President Rumen Radev said in a telephone conversation with the President of the State of Israel Reuven Rivlin on May 12.

Bulgaria: Boyko Borissov Passed Baton to Stefan Yanev, Journalists Not Allowed to Swearing-in Ceremony

The ministers of the third cabinet headed by Boyko Borisov handed over power to the caretaker government appointed by decree of President Rumen Radev. This happened at a ceremony in the Council of Ministers, at which journalists were not allowed.

World Wires on Bulgaria: Caretaker Cabinet Will Have to Tackle Pandemic, Ensure Fair Elections

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev called a snap parliamentary election on Tuesday for July 11 and appointed Stefan Yanev, his close security and defense adviser, as caretaker prime minister until a new government is formed.

Bulgaria: Former PM Jean Videnov Makes Comeback in Politics

Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Jean Videnov announced that he is returning to politics, founding a new Left Alternative party, adding that he plans to run in the upcoming early elections with the coalition "For a Clean and Holy Republic", a part of which is the Union of Communists in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria: Radev Handpicks Caretaker Ministers, Borissov Reshuffles GERB Leadership

Just days before the "countdown" to the new parliamentary elections on July 11 begins, answers to two key questions are awaited - who will be the ministers in rumen Radev's cabinet and what the reshuffles will be in the leadership of Boyko Borissov's party.

Predictions a Fool’s Game in Post-Election, Pre-Election Bulgaria

Uncertainty is the only certainty in Bulgarian politics these days.

Since an inconclusive election on April 4, both the winner - long-time ruling party GERB - and the second-placed upstarts 'There's Such a Nation' have failed to cobble together a majority in parliament, meaning the baton will pass to the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP.