Government of Bulgaria

Bulgarian Sociologist: We have to Get Used to New Normalcy, There is No Way Back

"We have to get used to the new normalcy, we will not go back to life until March 2020," sociologist and MP of the "Bulgarian Socialist Party for Bulgaria" Prof. Ivo Hristov told BNR. He stressed that there is a disease, it is very insidious, but the reaction to this infection is disproportioned to what we have. "A lot more people died from swine flu than from Covid-19," he said.

Census in Bulgaria Postponed, Start Will Depend on Epidemic Situation

Parliament voted on a legal possibility to postpone the census of the population in Bulgaria next year in the event of a declared state of emergency or an emergency epidemic. This gives the right of the Council of Ministers to be able to change the dateof census for population and housing stock in 2021.

Bulgarian Council of Ministers Proposes EU SURE Instrument to Mitigate Covid-19 Crisis

At an extraordinary meeting, the Council of Ministers decided to propose to the National Assembly to ratify by law the Loan Agreement between the European Union as a lender and the Republic of Bulgaria as a borrower under the SURE instrument, the government press office said.

Bulgarian Council of Ministers Reports on Support Measures for Business

We have made a lot of effort and to our delight the colleagues from the European Banking Authority, allowed the Bulgarian business to use this moratorium and postpone the payment of interest or principal on loans in the coming months of the pandemic. This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov during a working meeting at the Council of Ministers with members of the government.