Government of Kosovo

Media: Albanians prepare an attack on Serbs - order issued

Kosovo police director added that from tomorrow the special units will be operational, the media reports.
Albanians are preparing the ground for the violent implementation of illegal measures that they have announced will come into force on September 1, when the decision on the suspension of Serbian documents and license plates will begin to be implemented, according to "Novosti".

Kurti: "Third World War in the Balkans? Very likely. Serbs have two-month deadline"

As he said, considering what Russia has done with Ukraine, it would be irresponsible to say otherwise.
"I wouldn't say that the risk is very high, because we also have a NATO contingent here, but it is certainly high. We are a democracy that has autocracy at the borders," Kurti said.

Kurti does not give up: "From September 1"

Prime Minister of the so-called Kosovo Albin Kurti responded to allegations that he is delaying the implementation of decisions on license plates and reciprocity of identity cards with Belgrade.
He pointed out that they've been waiting for the implementation of these decisions for 11 years, and now a one-month delay seems to be a problem, reports Koha.

EU Kosovo Mission ‘Unaffected’ by UK Payout to Whistleblower

EULEX has insisted that the financial settlement agreed by its former prosecutor turned whistleblower Maria Bamieh with the UK government does not have anything to do with the European rule-of-law mission in Kosovo because Bamieh's corruption allegations against EULEX were dismissed four years ago.