Government of Kosovo

Kosovo MPs Fail to Pass Law to Protect KLA’s Values

The proposed Draft Law on Protection of the Kosovo Liberation Army's Values failed to pass on Thursday after only 35 MPs out of a total of 120 lawmakers in the Kosovo Assembly voted in favour.

"A total of 36 deputies participated [in the vote], 35 votes in favour, one against and no abstentions," said Kosovo Assembly speaker Vjosa Osmani.

Grenell: Meeting of Belgrade - Pristina representatives on June 27 at the White House

Allegedly, he received assurances from the governments in Belgrade and Pristina that they would temporarily stop the derecognition campaign, i.e. requests for membership in international organizations, in order to meet on June 27 at the White House.

Montgomery: Only one person in the region is strong enough to reach Kosovo solution

According to him, he believes that it is questionable whether international forces and internal Kosovo-Albanian divisions will enable that.
He points out that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, is the only person in the region who has the strength and desire to reach a good solution to this problem.

Thaci: The agreement will be reached until the end of the year

He added that he believes that an agreement could be reached this year, Kosovo online reports.
Thaci said that it would have to move quickly in that direction in order for Kosovo to join the EU and NATO. He stated that he is optimistic that an agreement with Serbia will be reached this year.

Kosovo Government elected

The new Kosovo Government consists of four vice presidents and 16 ministers.
Besnik Tahiri will be the first Deputy Prime Minister, and the Vice Presidents are Driton Selmanaj and Albulena Balaj.
Furthermore, Goran Rakic will also assume the role of the Deputy Prime Minister, but also the Minister of Local Self-Government.