Government of Kosovo

Spy "maze" in Kosovo and Metohija: Group working against Serbs and in favor of Kurti?

Namely, according to the media, that group sends exclusively reports to its headquarters, which are negatively intoned towards Serbs and the north of Kosovo. Such intelligence is also used as a cover for approving the actions of the Prime Minister of self-proclaimed Kosovo, Albin Kurti, through special units in the north of Kosovo.

We've known him since Rambouillet 1999: Christopher Hill - US Ambassador to Serbia

Christopher Hill is an expert on the region, and he also served as the US special envoy for Kosovo, playing a very important role in the negotiations that preceded the 1999 Rambouillet Conference.
Ambassador Hill will replace Anthony Godfrey, who has served as U.S. Ambassador to Serbia since November 2019.

Kosovo Arrests Five Suspects for Plotting Terrorist Attacks

Kosovo's Special Prosecution on Sunday said police had arrested five persons suspected of planning terrorist actions against country's constitutional order and security.

Explosive devices, fire arms, drones and anti-tank weapons were seized during the operation, which was conducted after several months of covert investigation and surveillance, the prosecution said.

The Spanish condition fulfilled

Since Spain does not recognize the so-called Kosovo, there will be no symbols of the so-called Kosovo on the Summit.
As it was announced, Sanchez will travel to Ljubljana for a meeting of European Union leaders ahead of the summit to be held with representatives of the Western Balkans.

Spain reacted because of Kosovo - set a condition

According to the Spanish newspaper Periodico, since Spain does not recognize Kosovo, there will be no symbols of Kosovo, reports Ekonomija online.
As it was announced, Sanchez will travel to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, tomorrow, to attend the meeting of the leaders of the European Union before the summit with the representatives of the Western Balkans.