Government of Libya

Libya: At least140 killed in after UN-backed govt militia ravages rival military base


Dozens of troops and civilians have reportedly been slaughtered in an attack on an airbase in southern Libya. The attack was blamed on the militia backing the Tripoli-based government of National Accord (GNA), which denies that it sanctioned the carnage.

Gaddafi's Wealth Fund

The Turkish Government, in an unprecedented decree, announced the transfer of its most valuable financial and real assets into a wealth fund on Jan. 5. For any ordinary Turkish citizen, the "transfer of assets into a fund" sounds a bit shady.

Confidence vote on hold as Libya unity govt asserts authority

Libya's parliament postponed a vote of confidence expected to be held on April 19 on a new UN-backed unity government even as it asserted its authority by assuming control of two ministries.
Deputies told AFP a special session of the internationally-recognised parliament, to be held in the eastern city of Tobruk, failed to take place because of "big differences".