Government of Libya

Confidence vote on hold as Libya unity govt asserts authority

Libya's parliament postponed a vote of confidence expected to be held on April 19 on a new UN-backed unity government even as it asserted its authority by assuming control of two ministries.
Deputies told AFP a special session of the internationally-recognised parliament, to be held in the eastern city of Tobruk, failed to take place because of "big differences".

Libya parliament rejects UN-backed unity government: MPs

Libya's internationally recognized parliament on Jan. 25 voted to reject a U.N.-backed unity government, lawmakers said, in a major blow to international efforts to end the country's unrest.

"We voted against endorsing the government and ask... to be presented with another government," parliamentarian Ali al-Gaydi said.

Libyan Court Drops Charges against Two Bulgarian Seamen

A Libyan court has withdrawn the charges of smuggling of oil products brought last year against the crew of tanker vessel Sunoil, which included two Bulgarian nationals, the Foreign Ministry in Sofia announced on Friday.

The court in Tripoli has also ordered the release of the five members of the crew, which also included two Ukrainian citizens and one Romanian.