Government of Russia

A new level of escalation?

In a mocking tone, which has become a trademark of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergei Lavrov proposed that NATO, "in case of urgent matters", address the Russian Embassy in Brussels, which is in fact in charge exclusively of bilateral relations between Russia and Belgium.

Payment on November 1

"On November 1, we will pay 30 euros to all adult citizens of Serbia. That is the 30 + 30 euros that people have already applied for. We have that money on our account and we continue to support the citizens," Mali said today.

Who is Putin's man who was killed - a soldier, known for a 49-second media conference

As confirmed by that ministry, he died during the exercise, when he was saving the life of one person.
Zinichev, who is considered Putin's man, was born in 1966, in St. Petersburg.
He was a member of the army for many years, and he served in the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Bulgarian Politician Accused of Espionage Denies Viciously Accusations

"All the prosecution has are mere accusations, without a single fact. I have never in my life had access to classified information so that I could get it from somewhere and pass it on to someone. My positions have always been public. After I was released from the detention centre, I told all the media that I would continue to do what I do.

What is Putin afraid of and why should journalists "stop asking questions"? VIDEO

Putin and Biden met yesterday in Geneva. Before the beginning of the summit, the Russian president stated that there are many issues in the relations between the two countries. However, journalists also had many questions after the meeting. Neither Vladimir Putin nor Joe Biden seemed to be thrilled with such a situation.