Government of Slovakia

Anti-Roma Rhetoric Under Scrutiny Before Slovak Election

Shortly after the verdict, former Prime Minister Robert Fico leapt to Mazurek's defence in a Facebook video.

"Milan Mazurek only said what nearly a whole nation thinks," said Fico, leader of the governing SMER-SD party. "If you execute someone for truth, you will turn him into a national hero. Should we be afraid to say that part of the Roma people abuse the social system?"

‘Mafia State’ Slovakia Struggles to Root Out Corruption

For many Slovaks, the texts are a reminder of the sheer depth of corruption in a country still reeling from the shooting of 27-year-old Kuciak and his fiancée in Bratislava in February 2018.

They see the texts as proof that Kocner, who was already in custody when he was charged with ordering Kuciak's murder, thought he was above the law, though he denies any wrongdoing.

Incumbent Slovak PM Set to Lose Parliamentary Majority

The social-democratic party of incumbent Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico won the general elections held in the country on Saturday, but lost its parliamentary majority.

According to preliminary results based on almost all of the votes counted, Fico's Smer-Social Democracy party won the elections with 28.3 % of the ballots, which translates to 49 seats in the 150-member parliament.