Lazaros Mavropoulos appointed new head of police

Police Lieutenant General Lazaros Mavropoulos has been appointed new chief of the Hellenic Police (ELAS) following a meeting of the National Council on National Security (KYSEA) on Saturday.

Τhe new appointment "aims to improve and implement more positively and effectively the modern operational plans of the Hellenic Police for the safety of citizens," KYSEA said in its announcement.

Violent protests in France over Macron’s retirement age push

Angry protesters took to the streets in Paris and other cities for a second day on Friday, trying to pressure lawmakers to bring down French President Emmanuel Macron's government and doom the unpopular retirement age increase he's trying to impose without a vote in the National Assembly.

Moldova Condemns ‘Russian Plan’ to Regain Control of Country

Deputies of the ruling party in Moldova have condemned what they term Russia's plans to regain control of the country after investigative media published a series of what appeared to be official Russian documents on how Moscow plans to maintain its influence in Chisinau and derail its relationship with the West.

Escobar to meet Vucic today

Vui and the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and the US Special Envoy for the Western Balkans will meet in the building of the General Secretariat of the President of the Republic, Office for Media Relations of the President of the Republic of Serbia announced.