Blaming Turkey for refugee crisis amounts to 'ingratitude,' says Erdoğan

Blaming Turkey for the refugee crisis is a "real ingratitude," the country's president said on Nov. 11.

"It is Greece that is condemning refugees to death by skewering their boats," Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a press conference alongside Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the capital Ankara following a meeting between the two. "We have all the documents."

Alpha Research on Bulgarian Elections: “We Continue the Change” could be Second in Power

About 47% - 48% of people with the right to vote in the country say they will vote on November 14. About a quarter more are hesitant to go to the polls.

This is shown by the data from a survey of "Alpha Research", conducted from November 7 to 9 among 1,017 adult citizens and financed with own funds.

The United States and China Unexpectedly Signed a Climate Agreement

Activists and politicians have cautiously welcomed the unexpected declaration between the United States and China, which promises to boost climate cooperation. The EU and the UN described the move as encouraging, but Greenpeace said both sides needed to show more commitment.

Turkey’s Pragmatic Policy in the Balkans has its Limits

Then September brought a flurry of meetings: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu travelled to Serbia to open a Turkish consulate in the city of Novi Pazar, part of the southwestern region of Sandzak, straddling both Serbia and Montenegro and mainly populated by Bosniak Muslims; Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic visited Erdogan in Istanbul; and Erdogan met Croatian President Zoran Milanov

Sounding Out MEPs on the Polish Prime Minister’s Pitch to the EU

Morawiecki went to the European Parliament on October 19, where he delivered a speech that escalated the war of words between Warsaw and Brussels over the rule of law, claiming the CJEU was responsible for a "creeping revolution" that is undermining Poland's sovereignty.