Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour

Denmark set to welcome new king after historic abdication

Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik will become king on Sunday after the unprecedented abdication of his mother Queen Margrethe, with more than 100,000 Danes expected to pour into Copenhagen's streets for the historic event.

The 55-year-old future monarch is hugely popular in Denmark, with 82 percent of Danes saying in a recent poll they think he will make a good king.

Ukraine's Zelensky vows to wreak 'wrath' against Russia in 2024

Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed to wreak "wrath" against Russian forces in 2024, hours before Ukraine saw attacks on the first day of the year.

Russia and Ukraine have seen an escalation in strikes in recent days, including an unprecedented assault on the Russian city of Belgorod that killed 24 people on Saturday.

Vučić: Elections were fair, they all know it; One country interfered, we'll prove it

''You can almost never conduct the electoral process to perfection, we had fair elections, they all know that. I have never received more congratulations from other countries. Yes, I respect every vote. And just like that, the electoral will of the people will be respected," Vucic said.

Putin calls for 'severe' response to foreign efforts to destabilise Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Wednesday for a "severe" response to foreign agents who aim to destabilise Russia by aiding Ukraine.

"The Kiev regime with direct support of foreign special services has taken the path of terrorist methods, practically state terrorism," Putin said in a video address.