Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Did the PKK withdraw its threshold condition for Kurdish peace?

The 10 percent election threshold in Turkey is the highest such threshold in the world.

It was put in the Constitution during the military rule after the coup in 1980 in order to prevent Islamic or Kurdish-focused parties from getting into Parliament; any parties that got less than 10 percent of the vote would not be able to send members to Parliament.

Constitutional coup

It is rather odd for a constitutional law professor, worse, chief of a parliamentary constitutional committee chairman to declare, on camera, that if the Constitutional Court decides to annul the 10 percent national electoral threshold, such a decision would not only be void, but lead to questioning the very existence of the top court.

Constitutional reform proposals see changes to presidential election, lifting of MPs' immunity

The election of the president by popular mandate, the abolition of MPs' immunity from prosecution and the reduction of the number of deputies serving in Parliament are but some of the proposals put together by a New Democracy committee for constitutional reform.

HDP resigns from Turkish graft panel over media ban

A parliamentary commission on graft allegations against former cabinet members has not worked on ‘sound ground’ so far as many details have been withheld, says the HDP No justification for a publication ban on proceedings at a parliamentary corruption commission mollified Turkey’s opposition parties, with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) announcing that it was quitting the panel in

Favorable news article on revolutionary leader is hidden ad: Turkish TV watchdog

A popular Turkish TV anchorman’s on-air advice to viewers to read a particular newspaper for its coverage commemorating a hanged revolutionary leader has been criticized by the country’s broadcasting authority, which said the remarks amounted to a “hidden advertisement.”