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Hitchhockian Horror in Sofia – Crows Attack People

"One crow pecked me on the head and the other attacked me in the back of my leg, I felt a blow as one bird continued to chase me, the pain was quite strong, my calf was cramping and I went straight to Pirogov emergency hospital," relates on BNR Andronika Martonova, an art historian and associate professor at the Institute for Art Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

'Environmentalist crow' in Turkish city goes viral

An environmentally-conscious crow that took out the trash in a western Turkish city has gone viral on social media.

Do?an News Agency correspondent Mustafa O?uz photographed the crow at work in ?zmir?s Kültürpark on June 17.

The crow, the nest of which is located in the park, is seen in the first photos eating leftover rice from a styrofoam plate that it found on the grass.