Aegean migrant arrivals jump in July

The number of undocumented migrants arriving on the islands of the Aegean from Turkey last month reached 5,608, the highest monthly figure yet this year, according to official figures released on Tuesday.
The 5,608 migrants reached Greece from neighboring Turkey aboard 208 boats, while 19 suspected traffickers were arrested.

Meeting focuses on Greek-US ties

US Ambassador in Athens Geoffrey Pyatt and Deputy Foreign Minister Antonis Diamataris on Tuesday highlighted the strategic importance of Greek-US relations, the ties between the two nations and the issues concerning the Greek diaspora in the US.
After the meeting, Pyatt said in a tweet that they had a "great discussion."

Editorial: Clear words, direct policies

The previous government of Alexis Tsipras systematically delayed implementation of economic reform provisions in the third bailout programme which it signed simply because it did not believe in them.

It rejected them as neo-liberal and constantly blocked their implementation.

Its opposition to all manner of liberalisatioin of the labour market was characteristic.

A celebration that could serve as a catalyst

The bicentennial of the start of the Greek War of Independence, which Greece will mark in 2021, is indeed important and we ought to celebrate it. It could also serve as a catalyst to bring Greeks of the diaspora closer to the homeland and an opportunity to rebuild the Greek brand, which has suffered tremendously as a result of the financial crisis.