What is a European statesman?

Commentators have recently suggested that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras may achieve a political legacy "unmatched" by any of his recent predecessors, or that he has achieved the status of "statesman," or that, along with Zoran Zaev, his counterpart in North Macedonia, he might be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Athens Riviera

The year is 2021. Athens is a changed city. It is already acknowledged as a hip European destination. Neighborhoods that were considered no-go zones have become a magnet for alternative tourists - but not the kind who want to hurl petrol bombs in what they consider a Balkan playground. The Athens coast is transformed, overtaking Barcelona in popularity.

Greek farmers end road blocks, for now

Farmers ended their road blocks on Greek national highways on Saturday even though talks with government officials failed to yield a compromise.

Farmers had set up some 23 road blocks across the country for three weeks demanding tax breaks and lower production costs.

Speaking on Friday, the union representing farmers described the government as "hostile."