Exhibition of paintings as homage to Greece opens

BELGRADE - Greek Ambassador to Serbia Konstantinos Ikonomidis opened in Army Hall in Belgrade the exhibition of paintings entitled 'Greece in the consciences and hearts of Serbian painters' authored by art historian Nikola Kusovac which was organised as homage to the country with which Serbia has nurtured close ties for centuries now.

Drasi and Recreate Greece say TV channels ignoring them

The leaders of Greece’s two pro-business parties, Theodoros Skylakakis (photo) of Drasi and Thanos Tzimeros of Recreate Greece, wrote to the broadcasting watchdog on Wednesday to complain that they are being “almost totally ignored” by TV news programs despite the fact the parties won 1.6 percent of the vote in the June 2012 elections, when they ran on a joint ticket.

Fundamental contradictions

The deep division running through the ranks of the country’s main opposition party regarding the euro and how Greece’s negotiations with its partners and creditors ought to be carried out is very dangerous indeed.

The crisis which continues to be felt by both Greece and the entire European Union demands responsible and serious political and economic decisions.