Dendias: Evidence that border migratory movement is spurred by Turkey

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said Greece has "clear evidence" that the recent movement of migrants and refugees from Turkish cities towards the border with Greece "has been created and orchestrated by Turkey."

"I want to be clear that the European Union will not allow the use of human suffering," Dendias added as he arrived at a EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting.

The utter chaos: Greeks target migrants, while Turks hit Greek border in return VIDEO

Turkish border guards, on the other hand, fired large amounts of tear gas at the Greek side of the border, the AP reported.
Thousands of migrants and refugees are trying to enter Greece this week, after seven days ago Turkey, which practically guarded Europe's borders, decided not to prevent migrants from moving freely to EU countries.

Information war

Information is one of the key weapons at play in the hybrid threat that faces the country right now, as more and more refugees and migrants gather at Greece's border with Turkey.

1,000 specialist police officers have been dispatched to the border with Greece

Ankara today announced it was deploying 1,000 specialist police officers to stop the Greeks from pushing the refugees back.
Greek border guards rebuffed nearly 7,000 attempts in the last 24 hours alone, taking the total since February 29 to 34,778 and the number of arrests of those who got through to 244, the Greek government sources said.

EPP expresses support for Greece over border tensions

The European People's Party (EPP), Europe's main conservative group, posted a tweet on Wednesday night in support of Greece over the current rising tension on the country's border with Turkey where thousands of migrants and refugees have gathered hoping to be allowed to cross into the European Union.