Mitsotakis dared to face down the Church

What no other prime minister dared to do, from the late Andreas Papandreou and his minister of education Antonis Tritsis in the 1980s, to Alexis Tsipras in the previous four and a half years - despite their stated intentions - was done by Kyriakos Mitsotakis. He clashed with the Church of Greece over the new coronavirus, and did not back down.

Tourism Ministry orders hotels closed until end-April

Greece's Tourism Ministry on Thursday announced the closure of the country's year-round hotels through end-April, in a decision that will be effective as of midnight, March 23.

The decision to close hotels that operate all 12 months of the year comes is another in a recent raft of strict containment measures to tackle the coronavirus epidemic.

Government takes emergency measures to avert implosion of Greek economy

When Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in a nationally televised address yesterday stated that the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic may be "nightmarish" and that "there will be victims" one may well assume that one of them will be the Greek economy which was already struggling to recover from a decade-long depression.

Over 250,000 companies shuttered as of Wednesday

Over a quarter of a million companies will be shuttered in Greece as of today, as after the approximately 167,000 corporations that had ceased operations up until Tuesday due to the coronavirus measures, another 85,000 will be added on Wednesday, with the closure of many different types of stores, including clothes shops.

Coronavirus cases rise to 387 as fifth death reported

Greek Health Ministry spokesman Sotiris Tsiodras on Tuesday announced 35 new coronavirus infections, bringing total to 387, adding that one more patient has died, pushing the death toll to five. 

Tsiodras added that 14 people who had been treated after contracting the virus have been released. 

The average age of the victims is 68 years old, Tsiodras added. 

Editorial: The darkest hour

The darkest hour is just before the dawn is an adage uttered in periods of great trials such as the one that Greece and all of humanity is experiencing today.

It is impossible to tell right now how close we are to the much-desired dawn in the case of the global Coronavirus pandemic.