US photographer Robert McCabe made an honorary Greek citizen

Any reminder that there are good and conscientious people doing their jobs for the Greek state diligently in the right post is good news that gives hope. Greece's consul general in Boston, Stratos Efthymiou, is one such person, a young and active diplomat who has breathed new life into the post since taking over in 2017.

OECD toolkit reforms add billions

Greece's economy has benefited by 5.66 billion euros from adopting 161 market reforms recommended by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, out of a total of 775 in the OECD's "toolkit," according to provisional calculations by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV).

Editorial: Greece-France Alliance

Greek-French relations were forged in critical and transitional periods in our country's history.

In 1974 following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the national disaster that led to the fall of the Greek junta, PM Constantine Karamanlis approached France and even adjusted Greece's defence policy to the French model.