Greek–Turkish relations

Sometimes dogs bark and bite

We knew from the start that the calm interlude in Greek-Turkish relations would not last forever. It was a careful but temporary agreement that will expire after the elections are completed in Greece and Turkey. Now, we see Ankara slowly returning to an aggressive rhetoric.

Albania’s EU prospects depend on respecting the rights of its ethnic Greek minority says PM

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the Athens suburb of Zografou on Monday, where he sent a stern message that Albania's European prospects are entirely dependent on it respecting the rights of the Greek ethnic minority in that country.

Satisfaction and realism about Erdogan

The message coming out of Athens after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said via Kathimerini on Thursday that he wants good relations with Greece was that Athens' intentions after the elections to hold discussions with Ankara and any president of Turkey remain sincere, without, however, cultivating naive expectations that Turkey's foreign policy will change in the long run.

Berlin ‘ready to contribute’ to Athens-Ankara thaw

There are encouraging signs of progress in Greek-Turkish relations, according to the German Chancellery's Foreign and Security Policy Adviser Jens Ploetner. Speaking to Kathimerini as he attended the eighth edition of the Delphi Economic Forum, the former German ambassador to Athens stresses that Berlin is ready to facilitate bilateral contacts "if so wished by the parties."

Menendez reiterates opposition to sale of F-16 fighters to Turkey

The chairperson of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has reiterated his opposition to the sale of F-16 fighters to Turkey, saying "Turkey has not done enough to be rewarded in this way."

"I continue to be against the sale of F-16s," Senator Bob Menendez told state broadcaster ERT, adding that the Erdogan government needs to stop its belligerent behavior towards Greece.