Greek–Turkish relations

Turkish tragedy, Greek solidarity and, maybe, a chance

The strong earthquake that hit Turkey could thaw the recently frosty relationship between the two neighbors, making a rapprochement with Greece possible, if certain leaders want it.

Relations among countries always evolve in certain environments. And the tragedy that's hit the neighboring creatres such a new, yet familiar, one.

Turkish hackers claim responsibility for mass attack on Greek state websites

The Greek National Intelligence service was among several top Greek state and government websites that went down on 17 January due to a wholesale cyber attack for which an ultra-nationalist Turkish hackers group with apparently strong neo-Ottoman sympathies named Anka Neferler Tim  has claimed responsibility.

Cavusoglu reiterates claims of 'grey zones' in Aegean

Turkey's Foreign Minister reiterated his country's long-standing claims on the existence of "grey zones" in the Aegean Sea in a televised interview on CNN Turk on Thursday evening.
Mevlut Cavusoglu said "there are islands whose sovereignty has not been established" either in the Treaty of Lausanne or in the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty.