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Assos excavations reveal popularity of fishing in ancient times

Archaeological excavations in Assos, one of the most important port cities of antiquity, located within the boundaries of Behramkale village of Ayvacık district of Çanakkale, have unearthed three 2,300-year-old "fish plates" and a "fishing hook," which are believed to date back to the same period.

Cycladic Colonies | Thessaloniki | To August 31, 2020

"From South to North: Cycladic Colonies in the Northern Aegean," on show at the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum, explores what drove the colonization of strategic locations across the northern Aegean in the first half of the 7th century BC, one of the most fascinating chapters of the Archaic period.

Dozens of migrants, refugees being transferred from Symi island

Around 300 migrants and refugees who arrived from Turkey over the past few days are to be transferred off the southeastern Aegean island of Symi by the end of the week.

The decision comes in response to a number of complaints made by Symi Mayor Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, who has stressed that his island is completely unequipped to host, feed and care for asylum-seekers.

Hundreds of migrants reach Lesvos; Moria bursting at the seams

Another 408 migrants reached the island of Lesvos by Friday noon, of which 73 arrived by sailboat, the general police directorate of the Northern Aegean said in a press release.

The new arrivals raise the total number of migrants living in the overcrowded identification center of Moria to 12,000, when the camp's capacity is for 3,000.