Greek government-debt crisis

Greece months away from investment-grade rating, central banker tells FT

Greece is close to regaining its investment-grade credit rating in 2023, after 12 years of relegation to junk status, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.

"We think that 2023 is the year will get the investment grade," Greek central bank chief Yannis Stournaras said in an interview with the paper, urging the country's next government to maintain fiscal prudence.

Cyprus GDP rises 5.6% in 2022

Cyprus' gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 5.6% in real terms in 2022, according to a provisional estimate published by the country's statistical service CyStat on Wednesday.

This compares with a provisionally estimated average eurozone GDP growth of 3.5% and European Union GDP growth of 3.6% in 2022.

F-4 co-pilot laid to rest in Tripoli

The funeral was held in the southern town of Tripoli on Thursday of a Hellenic Air Force officer aboard the F-4E Phantom II jet that crashed in the Ionian Sea on Monday. The plane went down during a training exercise, and the body of the co-pilot, Lieutenant Marios Touroutsikas, 29, was discovered shortly after.

Anti-SYRIZA fundamentalism

If you walk into a tiger's cage, a friend quipped, make sure you don't touch the wild cat's whiskers. Put differently, when you challenge a more intelligent person than yourself to a public debate, do not attempt to underestimate their intelligence; you only risk exposing yourself to ridicule.

Bulgaria is among the EU countries with the Highest Household Expenditure on Food and Soft Drinks

In 2021, EU households spent over 1.035 billion euros, which is equivalent to 7.1% of the total EU GDP, on "Food and non-alcoholic beverages", according to data from the official European statistics agency Eurostat.