Greek government-debt crisis

PM welcomes censure motion

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that he welcomes the censure motion submitted by opposition party SYRIZA on Monday.

"The motion is very welcome and it is true that I have been asking him [opposition leader Alexis Tsipras] for many months to submit one," said Mitsotakis, adding that "it is a good opportunity to compare what we have done during our four-year terms."

Poll gives ruling ND 7.5-point lead over SYRIZA

Ruling New Democracy maintains a lead of 7.5 points over opposition SYRIZA, according to the first major poll in 2023 conducted by Pulse and presented on Skai TV's main newscast on Tuesday evening.

New Democracy garnered 33.5%, compared to 26% by leftist SYRIZA, ahead of center-left PASOK on 11%, communist KKE (6%), nationalist Greek Solution (4%) and radical-leftist MeRA25 (2.5%.)

PASOK deputy spokesperson resigns citing personal reasons

Deputy spokesperson for opposition party PASOK Anastasia Simitropoulou announced her resignation from her role on Monday citing personal reasons.

"We thank her for her valuable contribution all these months to the collective effort, which she will continue to support with all her efforts," announced the party in its statement.

Stournaras meets with SSM’s Enria to discuss Greek banks

Bank of Greece Governor Yannis Stournaras met on Thursday with Andrea Enria, chair of the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank's Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).

Enria met with Stournaras and other members of the Bank of Greece's administration, as well as with representatives of the managements of Greek banks and the Hellenic Bank Association.