Greek government-debt crisis

Greece must present strategy to eurogroup, German FinMin official says

The new Greek government must present its strategy to the eurogroup on how Athens wants to deal with its debt problems, a German finance ministry spokesman said on Friday.

?It is completely open what will happen after the end of the current bailout program,? the spokesman added.

There is no tying SYRIZA down

By Elis Kiss

While a tie-less politician was hardly breaking news in Greece this week, Costas Karamanlis?s relaxed appearance at the Parliament?s swearing-in ceremony created some buzz on Thursday. The former premier is a conservative, after all, while the no-tie credo rightfully belongs to the ruling leftist SYRIZA party.  

Greek radicals play it safe with debt advisers Lazard

By Sophie Sassard

Soon after politicians from left-wing SYRIZA party won power in Greece they said they had hired Lazard to advise them on restructuring their debt.

It is a homecoming of sorts for the US investment bank. Lazard cemented its position as the eminence grise of debt negotiations when it secured the biggest restructuring deal in history for Athens in 2012.

BoG Governor to Deputy PM: Greek banks' liquidity is absolutely safe ?

The 40-minute meeting that was held on Thursday between Bank of Greece governor Yannis Stournaras and Deputy Prime Minister Yannis Dragasakis focused mainly on the European Central Bank's decision to stop accepting Greek state bonds as collateral from February 11 onwards and the possible consequences of this development for Greece.