Greek government-debt crisis

SYRIZA 'Clear Election Winner' According to Exit Polls

Leftist SYRIZA party, which wants to revoke Greece's bailout program, is poised to win Sunday's snap poll in the country, according to exit polls.

Though polling stations are to close within a few hours, some pollsters have already announced partial results, according to the BBC and German weekly Der Spiegel.

How Is SYRIZA's Performance Affecting Greek, EU Politics?

Hours before polling stations close in Greece, many media outlets place an emphasis on the impact Alexis Tsipras's Coalition of the Radical Left (known for its acronym SYRIZA) is having on the nation's political landscape.

This comes against the backdrop of opinion polls' estimates that the leftist party will be the clear winner of the elections.

What's the Greek word for suicide?

V., the taverna owner, angrily threw a set of papers that looked official onto the table. One was his electricity bill: 2,888 euros for the past few months. Another was a fine of 623 euros for keeping a kilo of feta cheese without an invoice. The other, around 500 euros, was for keeping a few kilos of other ingredients without an invoice.