Greek government-debt crisis

PM eyes stability, says opposition proposals could undermine debt effort

As the government presses on with efforts to relaunch a stalled economic review with the troika and clinch a post-bailout agreement with the country’s international creditors, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has insisted on the need for both political and economic stability in an article in Sunday’s Kathimerini, claiming that opposition proposals could push Greece back to the brink of bankruptcy

Greece is back, proclaims PM

 Latest GDP data show economy has returned to growth, Samaras promises that recovery will be felt by all

Following a difficult week for the government, Friday’s news that Greece has returned to growth following a protracted recession was welcomed enthusiastically by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras who declared, “Greece is back.”

Greece's economy emerged from recession in first quarter

Greece's economy emerged from a prolonged austerity-led recession as early as the first quarter this year and expanded in the next two quarters as well, data showed on Friday.

This is the first time published data has shown Greece emerging from the crippling recession it sank into when its debt crisis exploded, forcing the country to seek aid from foreign lenders.