Greek wine

False start for Environment Ministry's subsidy platform

The Environment Ministry's Saving at Home ("Exoikonomisi Kat' Oikon") program received such a huge response on Tuesday that its online platform crashed.

The platform, which launched on Tuesday, received 1.5 million visitors in just a few hours, while there were concerns on the ministry's part that malicious software may have played a role.

The Greek regions that performed well and bad in tourism

The regions of Greece that performed poorly in key tourism indicators such as revenues, overnight stays and visits included, western Macedonia, Central Greece and the Peloponnese. In contrast, the “winners” of the increase in tourists were the South Aegean, Crete, Attica and Central Macedonia, which achieved notably positive results in all three indicators.

Wild weather patterns hitting summer crops hard across Greece

A destructive combination excessive rainfall and extremes of heat and cold has caused tremendous damage to many crops across Greece this summer. "How can the trees handle temperatures going from 40 degrees Celsius down to 14C within just two days? We have air conditioning - they don't," the president of the Imathia Farmers' Cooperative, Christos Giannakakis, said to Kathimerini.