Greek wine

Retsina: The Greek wine you should try!

Ever had a Retsina wine? Greek wine is growing in popularity, though it’s not likely to enter the mainstream any time soon. The wines of Greece come in a variety of styles, and the white Assyrtiko grape in particular has been turning sommeliers’ heads for a while now. Retsina is a very particular type of Greek wine, made partially from the trendy Assyrtiko grape.

Spend time at the Old Port of Naoussa on Paros (PHOTOS)

Paros is one of those gorgeous Greek islands that seems to be a bit off the radar. While it is every bit as beautiful as other places in Greece, it is often glossed over by visitors in favor of other places. Those who do end up at Paros, however, are completely enchanted. The island is charming and filled with traditional villages where the people go about their daily lives.

Aerial dancer hovers over Corinth Canal

Greek aerial dancer Katerina Soldatou is seen performing at the Corinth Canal that separates the Peloponnese from mainland Greece, as part of her "Greece Has Soul" project on Tuesday. The Lefkada-born dancer has said she wants to highlight the country's natural beauties through a project that weds Greek landmarks with music, image and aerial dance.

Get your Santorini dream house with Santopoly

Along with their bottle of white Assyrtiko wine, a jar of split-pea dip (fava) and photographs of blue skies and sparkling white houses, the thousands who visit the Aegean island of Santorini every year can now leave with another souvenir of their holidays: Santopoly, an ingenious board game created by a young Greek couple.

EMY forecasts bad weather for Saturday

The Greek Meteorological Services (EMY) issued a severe weather warning for Saturday. The bulletin says northern parts of Greece will be hit with heavy showers, accompanied in some areas with hail. The regions expected to mainly be affected are: the Peloponnese, Crete, the Cycladic and Dodecanese islands and possibly eastern mainland Greece.

Wine experiments in the Aegean Sea

Imagine a metal cage full of bottles of wine, with two buoys attached, being gently towed by a boat off the southeastern coast of Santorini. Then, it is slowly lowered to the seabed. And there it remains, at a depth of 25 meters, for five years, a temporary attraction for the creatures of the deep.

Freezing temperatures and snow to hit Greece

The Greek Meteorological Services (EMY) issued a new severe weather bulletin Monday warning of snow falls and low temperatures until Thursday. The report forecasts heavy rainfalls and storms for the Ionian region, Epirus, mainland Greece (including Attica), Euboea, the Peloponnese, the Sporades and Cyclades islands and the Dodecanese.