The vote abroad

The Greek state has not lived up to its obligation toward Greeks living abroad. By evoking different pretexts, the outgoing government avoided fulfilling what should have been self-evident: To allow those who were already registered on the electoral rolls to vote in their place of residence.

Athens reacts to Turkish Foreign Ministry statement on Pontic genocide

Athens is accusing Ankara of trying to "manipulate history" after the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday denouncing comments by Greek politicians on the anniversary of the Pontic genocide, the massacre of ethnic Greeks by the Turks during World War I and the subsequent Greek-Turkish war.

Police arrest migrant kidnappers in Thessaloniki

Three people - two Greeks aged 58 and 49 and a foreign national, 35 - have been arrested in the northern port city of Thessaloniki on charges they held 11 migrants for ransom, including two minors, in a room on the terrace of an apartment building.
It was not immediately known how long the migrants had been held.
They were freed after a police raid on Thursday night.

Outside-the-box diplomacy

Undeniably, the public sector is the most backward section of the Third Greek Republic. Digitized services are still in a primitive condition and state archives are not electronically backed up, while the current public accounting system functions under draconian logic. All these contribute profoundly to the socio-economic crisis' protraction.

Greeks ‘warmer’ than other Europeans toward migrants, survey finds

Despite frustrations with the European Union, the government, the economy and immigration, the majority of Greeks are more likely to express empathy towards refugees than to blame them for their circumstances, according to a report by More in Common, an international non-profit organization with teams around the world.