Pensions for ethnic Greeks

The Labor Ministry will soon table an amendment to a bill that would have disqualified people who have not resided in Greece for 40 years from receiving a state pension, government sources said Friday.
The bill would have affected ethnic Greeks from Albania who pay social security contributions in Greece. Ethnic Greeks held a protest rally in central Athens on Thursday.

President Iohannis: Greek language helps us talk about democracy, condemn xenophobia

Today's Romania is the fruit of history that brought Romanians in contact with peoples and communities of cultural identities that enriched not only our cultural heritage, but also the diversity of European civilization, says President Klaus Iohannis, in a message transmitted on Monday on the occasion of the Greek Language Day.

Turning optimism into sustainable growth

It's official - the Athens Stock Exchange was the best performing equity market in Europe last year, reflecting international investors' newfound confidence in Greece's recovery. Across the board, foreign investors are putting their money in Greek assets from stocks and bonds to real estate and helping to drive foreign direct investment in Greece to record highs.

Turkish jets continue overflights

Despite the political consultations in Ankara on Friday between delegations of the Greek and Turkish foreign ministries, tension continued to simmer due to a barrage of 40 airspace violations by seven Turkish fighter jets in the north and southeastern Aegean, and another challenge to Greece's sovereignty issued by a senior ranking official of the neighboring country.